What is Sewer CCTV?

A sewer CCTV is a remote visual inspection and video recording of the inside of a sewer pipe network looking for defects that would not comply with local authority codes or would cause problems or premature failure or collapse of the pipeline. CCTV is made up of a range of advanced technologies including robotics, software, and HD cameras to identify defects or problems inside of pipes. The camera can be transported on a tractor camera or rafts, depending on flow levels.

Why do we need CCTV of sewer lines?

We CCTV sewer pipelines or networks to satisfy authorities and corporations that these, assets are handed over too, have been designed, built and installed to a technical specification giving the pipeline a long service life free of defects from the construction or manufacture phase. CCTV of a sewer asset is looking for traces of root intrusions, cracked pipes, displaced joints, corrosion, deterioration, accidental puncturing, surface damage, and debris.

All of these defects would stop a pipeline from complying with local codes. A code is known to establish a uniform coding system, for recording and reporting defects of inspection of pipes and maintenance structures, and also ensure that every operator uses the mandatory and informative terms to record CCTV. Closed Circuit Television operators and reports must conform to the code of practice: Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia, Version 4.1 as it demonstrates the clear and specific rules to apply to CCTV.

Codes can be found at WSAA shop:

WSA 02-2002-2.2 Sewerage Code of Australia (Sydney Water Edition 1 Version 4)
WSA 05-2020 Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia Version 4.1

CCTV Sewer Pipline

How do we do inspect sewer pipes?

A sewer CCTV is done using what is known as a tractor camera, The tractor camera depending on configuration has four to six wheels all wheel drive and weighs around ten to fifteen kilo’s again depending on configuration with a high definition pan, rotate, zoom and laser distance measure and very powerful led lights producing crystal clear video image with state of the art video processing.

The tractor also measures grade with extremely high accuracy, these systems are continually being updated, now it is possible to do vertical inspections and even get rafts or boats for pipelines that have a very high flow, these systems are water proof to ten meters and are generally very expensive.