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About 1 CCTV Pty Ltd

1CCTV Pty Ltd is a newly established CCTV and pipe testing company. We are both a Sydney Water listed Field Tester and NATA accredited company. We provide Wincan based reports and footage which is easily accessible via Wincan Web. We use the latest tractor camera with various modern testing equipment to provide professional services and reports.
I have been in the Industry for over 20 years and are extremely experienced in what we do. If you have any queries or concern feel free to contact us.

Our Services

Although 1CCTV is a new pipe testing company you can rest assured that the director Jay Davidson, with over 20 years in the industry, brings with him a wealth of experience to the Sydney based operation. Recognised by Sydney Water and listed as one of their approved field testers together with the credibility of an accreditation from National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) means that you can be assured of a high quality, professional service with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Utilising modern technology including the most up to date tractor camera our services include the CCTV inspection of stormwater, sewer and water pipeline inspections across Sydney. Tractor cameras are simply remote-controlled high-definition cameras mounted on a small vehicle which can cope with the unique conditions encountered in a sewer or storm drain. High quality video footage collected by the tractor camera will be the foundation of such inspections.

Our inspections can be used for quality assurance prior to commissioning and also for identifying and locating problems arising within the system of pipes. 

Problems that are often encountered are mis-alignment of pipes due to shifting, corrosion in older metal pipes, damage from tree roots, blockages and leaks. And with our manoeuvrable and flexible CCTV cameras these problems can be accurately pinpointed, allowing for precise digs and expedited repairs helping to keep repair costs to a minimum. 

However, preventative testing and checks are always recommended as when serious problems become obvious there is often already significant damage and repairs can prove costly.

Pipeline vacuum testing and hydrostatic water mains testing are ways of identifying leaks in the water systems of Sydney before they turn into a serious issue. Vacuum testing simply involves testing a change in air pressure in a section of pipe (under controlled conditions) and is also used in maintenance holes (MHVT) whereas hydrostatic testing uses water under pressure and is commonly used to ensure compliance with industry standards by affirming that the system can operate at a higher pressure than is required.

CCTV has numerous uses across a broad spectrum of industries, and with climate change becoming an increasing concern, it is frequently used to monitor stormwater. At 1CCTV, we frequently use stormwater CCTV in Sydney and CCTV stormwater inspection in Sydney equipment to monitor rising flood levels. We have various pieces of equipment that enable us to do this, including tractor camera inspection in Sydney that allows us to carry out drain camera inspection in Central Sydney and the outlying suburbs.

Of course, CCTV inspections in Sydney can also be used at the installation phase as well as to carry out routine monitoring and maintenance. Private clients and government bodies frequently ask us to conduct pipe testing in Sydney for water and CCTV sewer inspection in Sydney, CCTV drain inspection in Sydney and other forms of CCTV pipe inspection in Sydney. Indeed, we are the number one choice when it comes to CCTV inspection in Sydney, particularly pipe testing in Sydney relating to water.

For those living close to rivers or flood plains, we advise installing stormwater CCTV or asking a company such as ourselves to carry out frequent checks to monitor rising water levels. It is vital that you ensure that drains are clear from debris, and our drain camera inspection in Central Sydney can assist with this. Our tractor camera inspection in Sydney can highlight and locate any issues. You will find our teams friendly and knowledgeable, and they will be more than happy to advise you regarding preventative methods or repairs.

1CCTV provide a full range of CCTV pipe and drain camera inspection services for Central Sydney and the suburbs from our base in Cobbity, NSW. And although a relatively new company, we have no shortage of experience within our ranks and have already gained NATA accreditation and are listed Field Testers for Sydney Water.

At 1CCTV we are able to utilise high-definition tractor cameras and high-quality accessories to facilitate our CCTV stormwater and sewer inspections in Sydney, accessing all areas and accurately locating the source of any defects, damage or obstructions. This allows an accurate assessment of any remedial action that may be required and can save time and money by pin pointing precisely where a dig may be needed.

In addition, we offer a range of testing services including hydrostatic water main testing and pipe testing for Sydney Water, pipe and maintenance hole vacuum testing, deflection testing and CCTV electrical conduit testing. These tests are all designed to examine the integrity of the pipeline or system, identifying changes to the shape of the pipe which may indicate future potential problems and to ensure that the system is capable of performing beyond normal operational levels.

Our inspection reports, based on Wincan and easily accessed via Wincan Web, whether required for Sydney Water, a council, corporation or the individual are presented in a timely and professional manner which can expedite your payment and commission of the pipe or drain system.

In addition, 1CCTV also provides deflection testing which is designed to test the conformity of the roundness of a pipe, which if compromised can often suggest damage created by subsidence of the bedding material and all of the problems associated with that situation.

Whichever inspection is undertaken, a report on the findings will be forthcoming and 1CCTV are proud to present their reports on Wincan Web, which is an easily accessed cloud-based platform that allows sharing of inspection reports securely with authorised personnel. Once the report is published to Wincan, it is immediately accessible through your regular browser and will provide all the data, images and videos from your inspection.

Ensuring that water and council piping is correctly maintained is one of the vital roles that we perform at 1CCTV. We are NATA accredited for the Sydney area and frequently conduct a pipe inspection in Sydney when either a problem has been reported by a member of the public or the authorities have raised their own concerns. Of course, in the past, these inspections would need to be done by digging up ground which caused significant disruption and expense. Carrying out a tractor inspection in Sydney reduces the cost and disruption and means that any problems are rectified quickly.

At 1CCTV, we are regularly asked to conduct a CCTV drain inspection in Sydney, a CCTV sewer inspection in Sydney, or a CCTV stormwater inspection in Sydney. Our knowledgeable teams can usually be on site within hours, especially if it is deemed an emergency and can quickly start to identify the problem and find a resolution. Our teams are vastly experienced regarding CCTV inspections in Sydney and carrying out drain camera inspection in Central Sydney.

After heavy rain, which may cause flash flooding, our stormwater CCTV in Sydney service is used to conduct more routine checks to ensure that all pipework remains fully intact. We work closely with other organisations to conduct CCTV pipe inspections in Sydney, and we are one of the few companies that use the latest equipment when it comes to tractor camera inspection in Sydney. You will find that our prices are extremely competitive, and our service is always first class.

‘Out of sight out of mind’ is not a saying that applies to underground pipe systems, whether they be sewers, stormwater drains or conduits for cables – maintenance of these systems is an ongoing process. And a key component of maintenance is the detailed inspection of the pipes to determine any damage, or that they are fully operational and meet all appropriate industry standards. Damaged and leaking pipes can rapidly cause problems that can easily get out of hand, and as such preventative detection of possible problems is highly recommended.

1CCTV provide a full range of inspections including hydrostatic, deflection and vacuum testing but as our name suggests we specialise in CCTV stormwater and sewer inspections in Sydney. We take advantage of the latest technology, sending our HD cameras down into pipes and drains on robotic tractors, or if there is a high flow of liquids, on rafts.

Remote CCTV facilitates an immediate visual inspection and furthermore, our system of lasers that are incorporated into our inspection equipment can identify any areas of concern with pin point accuracy, making any necessary repairs easier and cheaper to conduct. But as well as checking for structural integrity stormwater levels can be monitored by CCTV, helping to offset the risks of flooding in Sydney.

Our CCTV pipe and drain inspection service is available throughout Sydney, and we are happy to offer it across the board – to local authorities, building contractors and to individuals.

Book your inspection and report online with 1CCTV today.

1CCTV do more than pipe testing for Sydney Water. Their services are available for all, including water servicing co-ordinators, councils, corporations and the individual. Whenever you need a CCTV camera drain or pipe inspection in Central Sydney or throughout the city, 1CCTV will be delighted to advise on the appropriate service for you.

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