Why do we do conduit inspection?

An electrical conduit inspection is a CCTV video recording of the inside of an electrical conduit looking for structural defects, sharp edges, or debris.

Why do we camera electrical lines?

We CCTV electrical conduits to verify to the contractor and regulators that the electrical conduit is fit for purpose and not going to cause costly damage to a cable that is pulled through the conduit.

Things we would be looking for would be ovality issue that may stop the cable from being pulled through the conduit, other issues like a sharp edge where a conduit has been cut or chipped doesn’t sound like a major problem but considering the cost of some of the cables used today it is a major problem. A cable is easily damage by PVC that has a razor-sharp edge that the cable is being pulled past. Debris would be another issue as a cable that is being pulled over gravel or debris could damage the protective sheaves of the cables.

How do we check an electrical conduit?

The electrical conduit CCTV is done via what is known as a tractor camera, the tractor camera depending on configuration has four or sixwheels and weights around ten to fifteen kilograms.Depending on configuration with a high-definition pan rotate zoom laser for distance measuring and very powerful lighting producing crystal clear video image, with state-of-the-art video processing produces a near perfect visual result. The tractor also measures grade with extremely high accuracy although not required for electrical work.

WSA 05-2020 Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia Version 4.1